A few hours ago, I decided that I’ll revoke the decision I made two days ago. I wanted to ask for help, and I will ask for help. But I was so scared that it might backfire because things always backfire when I’m involved.

Thank you, my dear friend, for writing and reblogging this at this moment. I believe that this is not a simple coincidence. This is the universe telling me that things will get better and I still have a purpose I have yet to fulfill.


Think of hand-written letters—sweet, honest words carefully composed in the wee hours of the morning—secretly placed inside your sweater, for the quick, but altogether gratifying smile on your face. 

Think of the seemingly insignificant things that still find purpose, that still find a home even when it is abandoned. Its memory persists to live even when it is but a wallflower. Decaying flowers turned into potpourri. Old, damaged photographs, restored and turned into art. Clothing gathering dust, embracing someone on a frigid night. How much more you, darling? Feel the pulse in your veins, and tell me that you have not made it this far for no reason at all.

Think of joy in the form of a soul that may live inside of you, that you would love so much more than life itself. Think of the first time you would hear the high-pitched laughter, filled with bliss and contentment, caused by your very presence. Think of the first time you would feel its tiny fingers clasp yours, making sure of you, needing nothing else but you. 

Think of all the honest moments you would get to spend with the people you love most, not being able to distinguish between night and day. Whispering secrets you have kept for so long, hoping the right people would come along to listen, and love you more for your weakness. Crying tears of happiness when all lights are out, and you can only hear your heart beating, knowing that you have found them and they have found you.

Think of all the stories you alone were meant to tell, all the images you alone can visualize, all the melodies you alone can sing.

Think of all the people you are about to leave: your mother who cried the first time she saw your face, your preschool teacher who was the first person who made you feel like stars were gold and you had earned the right to be proud of yourself, your best friend who made you believe that people can stay, your first love who will never have you completely erased from his memory and your last love who hopes to create more memories with you. 

You are here, and be proud of it. To live is the most courageous thing a person can ever do. Tomorrow will be kinder, please wait. 

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The Ace Hotel Shower. 
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I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to being a father someday. That thought alone is enough to pick up my day, encourage me to better myself, or put an instant smile on my face. Someday.
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